About Us

The Who, What, When, Where and Why of FlintPrints.


Who is FlintPrints you ask?

  • We are real people who live, shop, and play in Flint, MI.


Now that you know we are real people from Flint, you may ask what do we do?

  • We are a full service printing company.

  • We offer high quality printing at affordable prices.

  • We have an amazing online design and order platform for your convenience.

  • Besides, printing we also offer UPS and Fed/Ex shipping services, notary services and so much more you wouldn’t believe it if we told you.  Well, maybe you would.  Have we met yet?  If not, let’s meet.


The When part is tricky.

  • You see it started thousands of years ago when the Chinese first established the ability to use…(imagine me telling you thousands of years of information on the history of printing) or just ask your smartphone.

  • We opened our location in The Ferris Wheel in 2017 so that we can propel your business into the future with outstanding marketing materials.


Where is FlintPrints?

  • We just told you, we’re located in The Ferris Wheel!  No, not at your local carnival.  

  • The Ferris Wheel is the remodeled Ferris Bros. building. It is the most innovative and modern building right in downtown Flint.


Why do we do what we do?

  • We are good at it! We might even say great! Yes, I changed my mind, we are great!

  • Besides, we wanted to offer you an option, not to have to use those other online printing companies that do not live, shop and play here.  


In conclusion,  use FlintPrints for your local and online printing!  We’re your neighbors, who support Flint, are excited about the future of Flint, strive to make an impact on our community, and are good (maybe even great!) at what we do.